The North Face

The North Face - Tor des Géants

In October 2023 during the Tor des Giants we faced an interesting challenge. Supporting a shooting during one of the hardest trail run of the world.

The tasks were splitted in two different moments. The first one was about pre production and location scouting, and the second one was fallowing the race by bringing the photo and video crew in the right spots at the right time.

The biggest challenge was not being able to reach every spot by car. Sometimes many hours were needed to reach the planned places. Heavy backpacks and steep mountain trails was part of the every day plan.

Another big issue we figured was the lack of real time gps tracking, so we had to calculate the athete timing using only the in/out times of the lifebases.

Moreover we had to set all the permits to fly the drone and one of our operators was in charge of flying and shooting with the UAV.

The final result was the production of a short movie which you can watch below and images for an ads project for 2024.

Client: The North Face Japan

Project Manager: Makiko Nakamura

Videomaker: Yuta Watanabe X Rightup inc

Photographer: Kaz Nagayasu

Drone Operator and 2nd camera: Andrea Passerini

Mountain Guide: Francesco Perrone Capano

Ph Francesco Perrone Capano